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To travel the world does not mean that you are far away from the family – at least not if you have a smartphone. It can be cumbersome to lug your computer, tablet, camera and telephone if you are backpacker around the world, and for most of the day it is fortunately not necessary because the phones can do so much.


Drop the heavy camera

Travel and photos go hand in hand, right? And you will no doubt like to perpetuate some of your memorable experiences on camera can be shared on Instagram, Facebook and sent by mail to the family. A personal favorite for these purposes is the new iPhone 6S.

This model is in fact the king of all other smart phones, although the market is characterized by fierce competition, so it requires always renewal and innovation to maintain this first place, but Apple has now made quite impressive for several years. But why is an iPhone 6s so much better than many other mobile phones? Here comes an objective assessment of this very popular phone.


Features with an iPhone 6s

Apple’s model iPhone 6s is simply the flagship of their range and especially the top model with 64 GB of memory. This phone namely bathing 3D Touch, 12MP camera, faster CPU and GPU and of course an ingenious design. The phone is easy to use with its smart touch feature, and both phone cameras are convenient both for selfies but also other recordings with unique zoom features which make it extremely convenient for recordings to Youtube that can easily be uploaded in high resolution. iPhone 6s are also good for games, as it has a powerful 64-bit chip, which gives you the power of a computer to your phone.



Most reviews throughout 2015, shame praised Apple iPhone 6s as being the best all-round mobile phone on the market despite a kind old screen resolution and a lousy battery life. But other functions overshadow these little things, so people stand in long queue to acquire a new iPhone model when it comes to market.

Apple iPhone 6s memories obviously much of its predecessor iPhone 6 from last year, but the new S-model has just gotten a faster processor and a better camera and got a few extras put into the phone. The advanced 3D touch feature will most likely be imitated by competitors, as this feature works perfectly, so you can now press the keys with different pressures so that each press has different options.

As stated before, the iPhone 6s brilliant in most areas, so it is still leading the market, but competition from other brands such as Samsung Galaxy is so close that constantly turns to lead the race on the individual functions, so that the eventually only chance left that determines which phone you acquire. Already, Samsung’s models superior in the area with high resolution with detail, and their batteries also keeps better than Apple’s.

If you already have an iPhone 6, then the new features too small a reason to upgrade, but if you have an old-fashioned phone so you can easily gain much from acquiring an iPhone 6s. You can buy iPhone 6s and other brands of mobile phones online here , where there is usually also have the lowest prices on phones and the largest selection.

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