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Aktiv ferie på cykel i Vietnam

An active vacation can be quite exciting and a different way to keep his vacation. Even if you’re using lots of energy, you will still return home with more profits in the account than before.

An ideal active vacation is a cycling holiday in Vietnam with a combination of kayaking and trekking. I can promise you that it’s exciting!

A welcoming and accommodating country

Vietnam and for that matter also the surrounding countries, is an ideal place for you to stay active holidays, since the country has a glorious cocktail of stunning and beautiful temples, stunning scenery and welcoming people. It is a very good basis for a   really great holiday.

Experience the most with a package

A great idea that will save you the hassle of planning is to book a package holiday. Although it may well be a more costly option, you will typically have time to see and experience much more than   if you were planning the trip.

You would quite possible get to see all the places you are led to through a package, if you were to sit down and investigate the cases. Would you like to be rich in experiences of a few days, a package that is worth buying!

Become rich in experiences

Some of it you can choose to do, and which I would recommend, is to combine cycling holiday with kayaking and hiking, as this way you see nature in different ways. For example. experience the mountainous tribal areas on the border with China, cycle along jungle trails and hike up to the small, local villages deep in the mountains.

Additionally, you will in a few days by kayak come to see spectacular limestone cliffs, coves and beautiful sandy beaches. These are just examples of what you’ll experience if you go with a package in his hand. In addition, it must be said that Southeast Asia is glorious!

Watch the video from a bike ride through Vietnam here:

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