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Bloggere og rejsebranchen mødes til rejsekonference

Has your company considered to hold the year’s best conference? Abroad sounds like an unreal and economically costly decision, but it can be beyond all expectations well done. Away from a conference in well known Copenhagen , and swap it out with a week’s conference abroad without that it puts firm economic basis.


Strengthen its cooperation and networking

Conferences are always exciting, especially when they are held abroad and not in the home familiar and familiar setting for a conference. Abroad allows for different cultures meet each other, as well as networking and contacts are created. A conference abroad and its sights provide inspiration and background for today’s blog post. The travel agency strengthens their credibility and that they know which destinations they send their customers to.

Reliable marketing

The travel industry can benefit from the use of bloggers, to brand their deals to various destinations around the world. It therefore no secret that bloggers is good marketing and that all companies benefit useful to focus or fires a particular product.

It is important to find competent and credible bloggers who tests the company’s products or hold various contests on their blog. Trustworthy bloggers are not only popularity but also the basis for the blog’s content, which is research, testing, and organizing competitions.

Here it is important that bloggers and travel industry makes cooperation so that bloggers visiting foreign destinations, and writes about culture and the travel stay. Abroad, there are good experiences from collaborations between the travel industry and bloggers, and can be seen at the conference TBEX – Travel Blog Exchange .

It is not enough in today’s Denmark to take advantage of traditional advertising because the people will have WOM (word of mouth), where bloggers build the trust of their readers. Bloggers are a source of information in circulation and readers inquire first of bloggers before the purchase becomes a reality.

Purchase decisions are therefore taken from bloggers experience and experience with a particular product or travel destination. Customers create experience and interest, and the travel agency attracts new customers who want to expand their horizons from reviews on various travel destinations and experiences.


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